Eyelash extensions. New!!

These are applied in three hairs per strand and will last you all day and evening, and can be applied as long or as short as you would like. Around 10 lashes will be applied per eye, using the amazing long lasting Mac glue. I can't tell how stunning these look when they are applied! All the clients I apply them to become addicted to them and they are much easier and long lasting than the fiddly strip lashes! £10

Eyelash parties! NEW!! £7 per person

All going out for an evening for a night on the town?

Well how about an eyelash party to get your evening started! You can all have fab lashes for the entire day and evening!

(Minimum of 4 guests per party/ please allow 15 minutes per person and bring your own mascara)

Eyebrow tint — £5

Eyelash tint — £15

Eyelash & Eyebrow tint — £18